Berlin’s Wall On Wall Exhibition

One of Berlin’s flagship monuments from the Cold War, the East Side Gallery is currently home to a powerful exhibition highlighting the negative effects of failed politics. ________________ Famous for the artwork on its eastern side, the East Side Gallery’s western side is currently displaying a series of photo’s by German photographer Kai Wiedenhöfer. The entire [...]


The Abandoned Hospital of Beelitz

Berlin is bursting with abandoned sites and buildings that allow adventurous visitors a hands on view into this City’s distinct, modern history. With occupants from the Imperial German Army through to the Soviets, it’s hard to argue that there are better examples of this than the derelict hospital complex at Beelitz-Heilstätten.  __________ I was lucky enough to [...]


Welcome To Summer In Berlin: MyFest

It’s safe to say that there are quite a few things you become accustomed to while living in Berlin that you probably wouldn’t in other major cities around the world. Trivial examples include dogs on public transport to the culture of leaving empty glass bottles in really obvious locations on sidewalks (a recycled glass bottle [...]


Lazy Sundays At Tempelhof

Despite our initial thoughts that summer had completely forgotten Berlin, the spring weather this city is famous for has finally arrived! In celebration of our first day above 20 degrees, a few of us decided to head over to Tempelhof and enjoy the rays with a BBQ and a few beers. For those that don’t [...]


An Alternative View of Berlin

One thing that’s often beneficial of coming from a former British Colony that was established fairly close to… well, nothing… is that a large amount of my friends from home are now spread across the globe. You could say that Australia’s isolation has given us a knack for not just travelling, but for travelling for [...]

Escapes From Berlin: Costa Brava

While I am absolutely loving Berlin, I haven’t shied away from the fact that a large part of wanting to live in such a central part of Europe was to experience other parts of this region. “Escapes From Berlin” is a new segment to, showcasing the places I visit while basing myself from here – [...]

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Getting Around Berlin: Let Uber Help You Fake It Till You Make It

If there’s anything that makes me froth at the mouth with excitement it’s hearing about ingenious start-ups that are leveraging market opportunities to provide customers with a high quality product or service. It’s no secret that Berlin is fast becoming one of the leading cities for attracting innovative start-ups, so no surprises that I was [...]

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And Then There Was Snow

Apparently Berlin wasn’t quite ready to bring in the spring. While spending most of my first week in Berlin indoors at the “Messe Berlin” exhibition centre for ITB and hearing everyone that week speak of the weather only getting better, it came as a surprise when a cold snap came over Berlin for one last [...]


My First Day In Berlin: Taking Part In The East Side Gallery Protests

It was a fitting moment of serendipity. Within a few hours of landing in Berlin, I found myself on the U-Bahn heading towards Warschauer Straße Station to meet up with my friend Nina. We were on our way to partake in the public protest against a recent attempt to remove a section of the remaining [...]


"OMG! It's like, at least 25 minutes drive away!"
Yvonne Zagermann

My friend, and local Berliner, Yvonne said this when she search for the place we have to drive to this afternoon on google maps and thus discovered that it’s on the opposite side of the city! (AND HAS NO TOLLS!!) …As a native of Sydney, Australia… I LOLed… Then I poked her in the eye [...]